Spray tracking.

SpraySync tracks your noxious weed spraying and sends it to the cloud to greatly simplify and speed up your reporting.

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Save Time on Reports

Your GPS data will sync wirelessly to the cloud when you have an internet connection. Then just log in, click a button to export the data, and send it off to your customer. KML and Shapefiles supported. You can also invite another person directly to run reports and exports themselves.

Sync to the Cloud

No need to plug anything into a computer to download your data. Your GPS data, weeds selected, spray swath, and paper log entries for wind and are all wirelessly sent to a secure server.

I’ve been in the noxious weed spraying business for 20 years, and reporting has always been difficult. The current system needs to be improved. The capabilities for tracking weeds and spraying is limited, reporting takes a lot of time, and integrity of data is often questionable. I teamed up with an expert developer to modernize the way we track weed spraying. After you see a demo, you’ll understand why I’m excited about this.”

Ryan WalkerWalker’s Lawncare LLC

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Real-time GPS Map Feedback

See your GPS accuracy at all times and confirm visually you are in the correct location with a real-time map showing your location. Avoid data surprises where you find out after a day of spraying your data was missed or located in the wrong place.

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Paperless Logging

No need to write down wind speed, direction, temp, time and location for your reporting. Enter all that information directly on the tablet along with a digital signature. Logs will also sync and you can download an Excel file to send to your customer for reporting purposes. Talk to us about your reporting process, we can build any custom forms you need.


We have different guides that we have created for hardware, software, and specific sprayers. We recommend using the above video tutorials as one way of learning how our software and hardware works to map your spraying, but was have these documents as alternatives.

Highlighted Customer Data

See data from some customers in 2023 that has been mapped with SpraySync. This was built using our Shapefile export.


Our price consists of an initial purchase for the hardware and then an annual service license.

We have two different SpraySync Monitor Boxes that we offer based on your spray equipment.

  • SpraySync Monitor Box WT1 - For ATVs/UTVs and Trucks
  • SpraySync Monitor Box BP1 - For only Backpacks

The initial purchase price for the SpraySync WT1 Bundle is $3,500 which includes:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 64GB storage Wifi/LTE Unlocked with cell data capability ($590 value)
  • Tablet mount + mounting hardware ($300 value)
  • Installation cables, wiring, parts included
  • SpraySync monitor box ($2,750 value) with 15 inputs (11 inputs read electrical signals to your valves, 4 are for reading flow switches or passive non-powered switches)
  • 3 year warranty and phone support, full replacement on the SpraySync monitor box

Optional (not included) items with the WT1 Bundle:

  • Verizon unlimited data plan, $240 for 8 months of the spray season March - October ($30/month).
  • Flow Switch - 400 psi adjustable 1-6 gpm: $400

The initial purchase price for the SpraySync BP1 Bundle is $1,900 which includes:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 64GB storage Wifi/LTE Unlocked with cell data capability ($590 value)
  • Shoulder strap and hand grip ($60 value)
  • Flow Switch (low flow) + Check Valve (optional) or Toggle Switch ($100 value)
  • Installation cables, wiring included
  • SpraySync monitor box ($1,200 value) with 1 single flow switch or passive non-powered switch input
  • 3 year warranty and phone support, full replacement on the SpraySync monitor box

The first calendar year spray season of service is included free with initial purchase. The annual recurring license is $500/yr base + $300/yr per monitor box you purchase. As an example, you have 4 monitor boxes, annual fee is $1,700/yr = $500/yr + ($300/yr x 4).

No additional fees for users, unlimited users, unlimited jobs. Cell phone plan not included but can be added on. We offer a Verizon unlimited data plan, $240 for 8 months (March - October) of the spray season ($30/month).

Common Questions & Answers

What tablets does this work on?

Our mobile app works only on Android tablets. When you buy a WT1 bundle from us, it will contain a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 with Verizon cell plan capability. Our preferred tablets are the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 (or the older version Active2) and larger Active4 Pro. They are dust-proof, waterproof, and have custom fit tablet mounts.

There are a couple tablet mounts we use that are custom fit to the Active3 tablet. One is from RAM Mounts (RAM-HOL-SAM60PU) but require slight modifications by our engineering team to work properly. For this reason, we only offer the RAM mount version through us not off the shelf. Another one is from Gamber Johnson for the Active3 or Active2 (#7160-1368-20) that power the tablet and allow you to plug in the SpraySync Monitor with USB. The Gamber Johnson mounts are the only approved mounts to work off the shelf.

Is a cell phone plan required?

A cell phone plan is not required while spraying, but it does mean that you cannot take advantage of all our features like Bring Your Own Data and some features coming soon in the future. We know that a cell phone plan can be an extra cost, so we do not require an internet connection while spraying. Once you get back home and connect to Wifi, the tablet will automatically sync.

We have incorporated offline satellite maps to still allow for having some landmark detail while spraying offline or to help save data costs if you do not have an unlimited data plan.

All of your spraying data saves to the tablet first and foremost. So if there is no cell data plan, or coverage is spotty, your data is safe. Once we do get a good internet connection, we sync the data to the web site.

What sprayers will this work with?

We know it's impossible to know what everyone's sprayer setup will look like. Our SpraySync WT1 monitor box can take up to 11 powered signals and up to 4 non-powered signals like flow switches (2 wire flow or no-flow). We believe this will allow us to support the widest variety of sprayers out there, from direct injection multiple zone sprayers to ATVs with hose reels. Our SpraySync BP1 monitor box is designed specifically for backpacks with a single flow switch or toggle switch required to track, being lighter and smaller than the WT1.

By including our voltage monitoring circuitry inside our monitor box, it has allowed us to build wiring harnesses to easily integrate with sprayer controllers. This makes install as easy as snapping into existing connectors. We built wiring harnesses for these controller systems:

  • TeeJet 744A-3 - up to 3 boom sections, both solenoid and ball valve configurations
  • Norstar RS6000 - up to 9 boom sections
  • Raven SCS 4400 - up to 7 boom sections
  • Raven SCS 450 - up to 6 boom sections (or lesser options, 3 is another common config)
  • Texas Industrial Remcor TXRC1B - up to 3 boom sections
  • More to come, let us know about your sprayer....

Our WT1 monitor box can be used for nearly all ATV/UTV/Truck sprayers, big and small, so you can swap boxes between vehicles, and we can build these wiring harnesses to make the integration easy.

Will you come and install this on my sprayer?

Yes, we do on-site installation for a cost that depends on how far you are from our nearest installer. We have installers based in North Dakota and Idaho.

Can you track hose reel/hand wand spraying?

We track hose reel or hand wand spraying with a couple different strategies.

We can install a physical flow switch inline that relays on/off state of the switch back to the tablet. The spraying can be tracked either as a point, line, or a swath/polygon similar to boom spraying.

If you want to avoid the physical flow switch installation, we also have software-only features to Add a Spray Point to drop a pin on the map.

Features that are coming soon or recently released

SpraySync is under active development, many features are being worked on, including…

Preview Spray Maps directly on web site without exporting first

A map view was added directly to the web site dashboard so you can preview your spray maps without having to export first. View Youtube demo video

Released 2023

Combined Temp/Wind Form Reports with Spray Map

When you download an Excel export of your Temp/Wind Forms, they now can include an image of your spray maps. View Youtube demo video

Released 2023

Add Custom Layers to Map

Ability to add custom layers like spray/no-spray maps, scouting maps, parcel/landowner maps. View Youtube demo video

Released 2023

Tank Level Log

We can track your chemical applied automatically, but if you want to get your chemical usage directly from the tank instead of our automatic calculations, the tank level log allows you to make periodic tank level entries to use when filling out our digital forms.

Released 2023

Improved Hose Reel Support

Track your hose reel spraying as a line or as a point on your spray maps. Also added a software-only alternative to a physical flow switch where you can "Add a Spray Point" that drops a point on the map.

Released 2023

Track Application in Ounces/Minute

Tracking mosquito fogging and some hose reel applications measure applications in ounces per minute.

Coming 2024

Ability to track where you drove, not just where you sprayed

Opt-in to tracking where you drove and scouted in addition to where you had the sprayer turned on.

Coming 2024

Current Feature List

Offline Maps

See detailed maps while spraying even if you do not have a cell phone plan.

Data Access by Customer

We streamline reporting by granting direct access to your customer so they can download data any time.

Vehicle Setup

To allow swapping the tablet between different sprayers, we will allow a vehicle setup to be saved along with the switch configation.

Additional Export Formats

Add exportable GPS data in both KML and Shapefiles.

Sync Multiple Vehicles Together

Sprayer broke down? Need to pick up where someone left off? See their last location on your map.

Digital Signatures

Allow a digital signature to be collected for daily logs to meet reporting requirements.

Custom Forms

Ability to create custom forms that you can add extra information alongside the automatically included location, acres applied, chemical amounts applied, weeds controlled.

Track Overall Tank Mix

Added capability to have an overall tank mix flow rate specified to allow us tracking tank mix in addition to each chemical you have diluted in the mix.

Not seeing something you need?

If you think we need to add a feature, we’d love to hear about it. Contact us to chat about your challenges and how we can help you.